How much does Qbank help on your study?

I would just like to see how everybody think about Qbank’s contribution to your study since Level 2 is all vignette style case questions. However, Qbank consist of mostly individual questions… Anyway, one more month guyz… hang in there!

i hope that it helps to retain the formulas and the concepts. Otherwise I am screwed…

I do all of the questions just because it helps with retention and uncovering any topics you need more work on. It’s not anything like the real thing, though, so that’s why you need to plenty of practice tests as well.

Best Retention tool. If 4200+ questions don’t do the trick of sticking the formula up to you - then nothing will. I personally like QBank a lot.

end of chapter questions - i’m killing it

Cool… I love Qbank too! What are you guys going to emphasize on in this last month of studying?

Qbank is key… It’s not the same level of difficulty as the test, but it sure helps with retention and practice of important concepts.