How much does this job pay?

Any ideas as to how much this job pays (based+bonus)? it is with Eaton Vance, title is Structured Portfolio Analyst. 1. Responsible for all structured and institutional product portfolios. 2. Maintain the data integrity of proprietary databases and financial models for Eaton Vance managed portfolios. 3. Run hypothetical trading scenarios to ensure trades work within structured environment. 4. Responsible for all Treasury related functions of the portfolios. 5. Prepare and arrange all portfolio fundings and cash movements with the custodian bank. 6. Interact with custodian bank as well as all agent banks with related deals. 7. Perform quality control for all portfolio accounts. 8. Perform monthly reconciliation between internal models and custodian bank reports. 9. Participate in audit preparation, maintaining portfolio statistics and competitor profile. 10. Prepare key internal and external management and client reporting, including slide show presentations for the fund managers. 11.Assist in tracking performance of investments in non-Eaton Vance managed CDO transactions. 12.Interacts with clients, providing information and ad hoc analyses. Thanks


$55k plus 10% bonus. this strikes me as a hybrid back office front office position…probably not going to make six figures, but you will still get paid enough to pay the bills.

Perform monthly reconciliation between internal models and custodian bank reports. dead giveaway for back office.

thanks guys… i thought the same, it includes BO and FO responsibilities… anyway, will this experience count towards CFA? again, it is hard to know whether this is front or back office.

yes it will count. if discount brokerage counts, this counts. i work with fellow CFAs. its a shame.

^ | since when does discount brokerage count!? with the newer rules in place for work experience, i’m pretty sure that no longer qualifies. and to cart10, the criteria for work experience is that you spend at least 50% of your time making investment decisions. best thing you can do is ask the interviewer if you will spend at least half your time working on the aspects of the job that meet that criteria.

I think 55 +10% is much more realistic… no way you get 80+50% unfortunately This is definatly a BO role but one that might have good networking implications. Jeff seems to have the right idea, ask them outright if you spend more then 50% of your time making investment decisions. GenY

eventhough am making less that 55, no way am moving to Boston for 55K

Uh oh, a Boston hater in our midst… If your not in NYC, Boston is not a bad place to get into Finance from what I can tell. Maybe you have information to the contrary? Please share… GenY

frank was referring to the old rules. under the new rules DB would not count as the job doesn’t assist in making investment decisions in any shape or form.