How much has everyone covered?

I was just wondering how is everyones prep goin? I am halfway through book3. (studying in order). Here is my plan which has been revised so many times for not keeping up. finish (all books in the next 15 to 20 days). (35-50 pages). revise once thoroughly in about 20 days. last 30-35 days exams/questions. comments? what about you guys?

I am hoping to be done with everything by Oct. And leave Nov for Q&A and review. So far I am a little behind my personal schedule to accomplish his but I am still hoping I will feel more motivated and disciplined as the weeks go by to achieve the Oct goal. There is still loads to cover…

Went back to FSA, will start reading 40 at some point today…should have covered the whole CFA1 curriculum by tomorrow evening… Have learnt quite a lot, mostly that I am probably about as intelligent as an average chimp! (no disrespect meant to our simian brothers).

I steam rolled thru Ethics/ Standards, stalled out in Quant & bounced to Econ (I was an econ major) and about half way thru that. After shaking 8 yrs of out of school rust off I am now able to fly thru econ. So I guess that makes me 1.5 books in to this. I’ve had to learn thru time, thx in no small part to suggestions of this board, to NOT take extensive notes and just read, highlight & keep it moving. Since that adjustment I’ve been able to pick up the pace. I’m about ready to instead of counting hrs studied, look at how many pgs I’m actually able to get thru. The hrs measurement just is too arbitrary. I need to know exactly how much I’ve covered and how far I have to go (a long way) mc

i’m on FSA, not too far into the book though. still got a LOT to do. but I’m confident i’ll make it. Been travelling for work the past 2 weeks so haven’t done much recently, will really hit the books when i get home next week.