How much has FRA changed?

I know for a fact that 3 of the readings in FRA have been updated but I’ve not gone through them yet. Can someone please explain the differences in 2013 and 2014 curriculum for FRA? have any of the standards changed over the period? I appeared in L2 exam last year but failed band 10. Just want to know if my last year’s notes need to be updated or they are good as they are??

The 3 readings that have changed are not substantial. There’s a fair bit of addition (in terms of IFRS vs GAAP) in Inter Corporate Investments. In Multinational Operations 8-10 pages are appended at the end. And The Lessons we learn is again a little bit updated with newer examples and data. You last year’s notes would almost suffice. But you still need to read the newer Inter corporate material at least once P.S I failed in Band 9 last year but had 70+ in the FRA (so we’re in the same boat)