how much has the cfa exam/charter helped you get a financial analyst job?

I noticed some people get into financial analysis using work experience as opposed to CFA certification. I also read reviews saying it’s more of a cherry on top sort of thing to put on a resume rather than a foundation thing. I’ve also talked to financial analysts who say that passing level 1 or 2 can easily get you a job in financial analysis. so what’s your personal experience with it in the job market?

This question comes up a lot and, to be honest, it’s impossible to answer. Over the next few days, you’ll get people commenting that, for whatever reason, hate the CFA program and they’ll tell you it was a complete waste. Others will tell you getting the letters is pretty much expected these days.

My opinion on the matter is that it sure as hell can’t hurt. Will passing L1 or L2 open some doors for you? Probably. Is it a golden ticket? No, absolutely not. If you have the time to pass the exams, do it. But just know that landing your dream job will come down to several other factors than just becoming a Charterholder.