How much in revenues by Taxing the top 2% ...?

How much in tax revenues would we get from taxing the top 2% using the same tax schedule as we had in the '90s? The Democratic presidential hopefuls implied that our tax revenues would increase by $200B a year if we increased the tax rates of the rich and of corporations. Also, the WoT in Iraq is costing Americans about $150B/year. I believe that this is very much a tax revenue short fall since our government has incurred a deficit of about $1000B/year since 2001. However, simply not being in Iraq and taxing the rich still only decreases our deficits by $350B/year. There is something, apparently, that I’m missing. Where is the other $650B going to - assuming that my tax revenue assumptions are correct.

You’re missing a lot. First and foremost among these would be the correct forum to post this question in.

You may want to share your ideas with “Draccarlaw”, who posted a similar question on Google Groups: Also, you are missing the fact that the US government does have other operations, other revenues and passed other laws than the invasion of iraq and the tax cuts you mentioned. As for all your numbers, unless and until you publish your sources, I will consider that they come out of thin air - and therefore, I will refrain from commenting on those.