How much is enough to leave your job? What if you have guaranteed bonus?

I have a rather unique question. I am due a guaranteed bonus in summer 2010 and 2011 outside of regular bonus. How would you discount it or factor it into projected salary for a new job? For instance: Current Base: 95k Guaranteed Summer Bonus: 5k 2009 Yearly Bonus : ??? Guaranteed Summer Bonus 2010: 15k Guaranteed Summer Bonus 2011: 30k Projected Base: ???

CFO - 0 CF1 - 95k + 5k CF2 - 95k + 15k CF3 - 95k + 30k NPV @ 3%

Sounds like you got numi beat. I would tell the new employer what kind of deferrals you have and see if they will pay at least part of it out as a signing bonus.

I was thinking about signing bonus as well.

I heard of a 15% rule from one of the senior execs that I work with. (New job must pay at least 15% more than your old job. Assume no bonus at your new job…or try to get a signing bonus to offset your current guaranteed bonus)

Goldenboy, what city are you in?

does city matter?


Under normal circumstances, all else equal, I’d say +15% all in. My last hop was for just under 15%, although I would have gone lateral if it that was the best I could do.