How much Level I are you studying?

I’m on attempt #2 for this level and I’m all the way through the CFAI curriculum and about 10 days into straight review. I was thinking about how to better attack the review than last time and I thought about studying some level I stuff to hammer it home. Does this make sense?

yeah why don’t you go ahead and calculate weighted average common shares outstanding and go try bootstrapping and then try doing indirect/direct CFO calcs.

yea I hear WASO is huge on L2… lol

and my w.ass.o got diluted.

has anybody read that little L1 summary booklet they send with the Schweser notes? kind of like a Secret Sauce of the Secret Sauce

waste of time… stick to level 2

Book zero. I keep it as a reference when I study but nothing more than that. Stick with level 2. Everything you need to know is already built into the problems.