How much of the L3 content do you remember?

Two months on from the exam. I can’t recall much of the content at all. I feel like that I’ve had a huge brain dump since exam day, and if someone asks me a question ‘So what have you learned?’ I think I’d struggle to come up with an answer.

I’m with you haha which is probably why I feel less confident about passing. Did I really know the material if I can’t recall the things I learned?


Right after I finished the exam, I spent the next two days trying to recall as many multiples questions as I could. At the end 41 questions were recalled.

I completely remember FX related concepts including hedging and option strategies payoffs which are my biggest take away. Btw, i vaguely remember something called GIPS but i’m sure it will completely be gone by 8/8 midnight.

A lot. You don’t need to remember any single detail.


this is the problem with failing… because if you wait again till March to start studying… you essentially have to start over

I can probably still do singer-terhaar and i capm, cashflow matching, immunization, BLM, UBLM and lots more… but feel like learning them was almost waste…if you catch my drift