how much scrap paper/room do they give?

i did level 1 quite awhile ago so i have no idea. how much paper do they give you to work out questions? is there lots of room? i’m always scribbling in cfa or schweser and i get things wrong because i take shortcuts due to lack of space… also, what happens if you forget to bring sharpener and your pens get so dull they’re unusable. use your teeth?? thanks in advance!!!

hey man I went to the last exam with two pencils one needless to say I did not use at all relax. I always laugh when I see people with 10-15 pencils.

They din’t give scrap paper, this december. But there will be some space on the question booklet. That was enough. I hardly remember doing any calculations last time around, shouldn’t be all that different. If you’re pencils get dull, you can actually use your teeth, unless it means you creating a small time ruckus, in which case the proctor will have to report you…

florinpop Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > I always laugh when I see people with 10-15 > pencils. You laughed at me and I never figured it out :frowning:

florinpop, thanks… i took level 1 a long time ago and i think i had very little stress. barely studied at all. this level 2 is a real eye-opener, and yes, it has me paranoid. BTW, are you in canada? if toronto, do they still have huge gathering at madison house afterwards??

yes I am in toronto they had it for level 1 or at least it was supposed to happen but I could not go cause I had a birthday party going on

The other 14 pencils are for stabbing the proctors when they check your calculator

no scrap paper…there’s relatively enough space on the exam itself.

just use a mechanical pencil…? im bringing 2 HP 12C calculators though.