How much should I be making?

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$0 - $100,000,000 Your salary should be somewhere in this range

You should also probably make less than your boss.

comp_sci_kid Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > $0 - $100,000,000 > > Your salary should be somewhere in this range To be a little more specific: $30,000 - $10,000,000

How much do you make now?

I would say 60-70k based on very little. Check out or to see if those sites have any insight.

This year: $60,000 max Better years: $85,000

$35,000 - $10,000,000

Given the current conditions I would say somewhere between 70-80K. Bonus depends on P/L of your group, I personally did not get any significant bonus this year.

more than a $1 but less than a $1m

Somewhere between $70-100K would be my guess. What are you expecting to make? are you in this ballpark?

70-80k (maybe more)+ … at least 60-69k without bonus. It also depends where you’re located…judging on the size of the firm I’m guessing you’re in a major city/finance town.

Yeah, we’re in New York.

I’m guessing PRU or UBS, also on salary if you wouldnt have already answered it I would say 70k

I sure hope you dont only make $5,000 than when you were a client service person. You were getting $75k as client service including bonus?

Yep, I was gonna guess 50-60K based on the fact that you are a total newbie. However now you’ve got the CFA in the bag and a few years, so I would think 80K base would certainly be fair, but in this market who knows.

its quite amazing how much less mutual funds/asset mgmt firms pay compared to investment banks and HFs. of course that’s going to change completely.