How much sleep each night are you getting?

Curious to know what peoples sleeping habits are like these days. Especially for those of you who have to work. I am usually in bed by midnight and up by 7:30am. Unfortunately i still feel really worn out in the morning despite getting 7-8 hrs sleep.

Go to sleep at 12 and wake up at 630 and still feel burnt out.

i go to bed at 1-2-3 am and wake up at 6-7 … and STILL feel burnt out

Go to sleep at 5 and wake up at 8.30 and still feel burnt out.

don’t sleep at all AND STILL BURNT OUT

I am too burnt out so I sleep a lot…

go to sleep around 1 - 2, wake up 9 - 10. College life is sweeeet

nigel are you sleeping around?college life must be sweet indeed

sleep at 12, up at 5. BURNT OUT!

average: 4-5 hours… but i’m not studying :smiley: i should probably hit the sack soon as i almost went to work in my pajamas the other day. a dress shirt and track pants don’t match

yeh im getting around 7 hrs a night, but its weird, doesnt feel ‘refreshing’… i still go to work dog tired, and just wanna nap on my desk…