How much study leave for level 3 & Opportunity cost?

How much study leave are you taking for the level 3 exam? Every day I take off to study will cost me £300…

You get paid by the day?

Two weeks, just put in for vacation this morning.

The opportunity cost of not passing L3 is orders of magnitude greater than any salary I might end up sacrificing for those two weeks.

I think he just wants us to know how much he makes, don’t worry, I’ll do it for you. At todays pound/dollar rate, somewhere around 120k per year assuming 250 working days per year.

I think you should work right up until the last day.

The opp cost is high for the CFA (particularly including the opp cost of personal / free time).

But I can say with certainty that the opportunity cost of the CFA is less than the opportunity cost of an MBA…

Frankly, you don’t NEED to take time off before the exam, it just increases your chances of passing. If I were you, I’d take at least a couple of days off before the exam to cram some easy-to-forget concepts (like the AMCC or some of the trickier equations), get some sleep and do a lot of practice tests (which you’ve also been doing well before the exam, right?)