How much time do I need to set aside for Ethics?

I have already finished most of the topic areas.Only topics remaining are Economics and Ethics.I have already started with Econ and should finish it by the 15th of this month.I have heard Ethics is daunting but have no idea.Is there too less time if I start it in October?Also if I read Wiley/Schweser for Ethics is it enough?

I would read ethics straight from CFAI. It is well written. Also, save it for last. When I was studying, I made the mistake of doing the books in order, which meant ethics was first. I had to reread it again as the exam drew closer.

For level 1 I saved about 1 week for Ethics towards the end (in addition to doing practice exams for other sections). I read the ~50 pages in the Schweser notes several times until all the sections were pretty much memorized. And then I did a few million practice questions (Schweser, CFAI). I’d say spend more time doing practice questions than trying to memorize EVERYTHING.