How much time is needed for Level II

I appeared for my L1 CFA exams in Dec 2019 and are awaiting my results, which is due on 30th of Jan. Now if I qualify- the time looks really crunched for me for L2 exams, which is in June 2020. Please share your suggestions on how much time is needed for L2. I heard its very expansive and challenging.


Six hours: three in the morning, three in the afternoon.

the time needed to prepare would depend on how well you already know the material, how much time you have per day to study, how fast you can learn new material, etc, etc. from what i have read, people spend on average 300 hours, but some may need more or less depending on their own circumstances.

i mean, if we are going the witty route, it only takes maybe 5 minutes to complete each exam, depending on things such as latency, how fast the cursor moves, etc.