how much time it took to finish quant

Hello guys, If you have finished the quant, how much time it took for you. please give me rough idea… I have started it but i guess I am going pretty slow… Also I dont have finn background I am from IT field… Please give me some idea so that if I am slow …I would be able to pace it up little bit…

It took two weeks for me, without doing exercices

probably about 3 for me. but I will need to review it again. don’t forget, quant is two study sessions. the good thing is that alot of the stuff in portfolio theory is covered in quant, so you’ll save some time there by learning it now.

Take your time on Quant its the toughest to comprehend, but dont take longer than a month.

Quant will come up in multiple sections. Having a good handle on this stuff will payoff later in your studies (and level II).

Knowing quant is very helpful for the other section but don’t dwell on it if you don’t fully comprehend everything. Move on and you can go back to it. I read everything twice and at some point things just start to click. You have plenty of time at this point. Just make sure to be completely through with everything by November 1st so you have a full month to go over practice tests

I think something that’s important to remember is the end goal is to have ALL of the knowledge working in your head. the first time you read, i’d say just go for 50% retention. so make sure to keep pace getting a good grasp of the basics. when you have 1 or 2 months left is when you fill in all of the details. or another good suggestion would be to do questions on old, finished material throughout your studies to make sure you keep it fresh in your mind. my 2