How Much Time Left

I had 30 min in the morning and afternoon. For some reason, I felt like I was pressed for time on the AM session but then I suddenly ran out of questions.

i had lots of time in the pm am part - i scruuuuuuued myself

Finished with five minutes remaining in the morning session. Afternoon: I could have finished early. Took my own sweet time for each question. Finished with 10 minutes remaining.

I had 40 minutes left in the AM. I finished in 1 hour and 40 minutes in the PM. I kept having to stop and take a deep breath to slow down, but it felt so short to me.

Morning, I probably had 30 seconds Afternoon I had about 45 minutes. I reviewed some of the questions and then left with ~35 minutes left, which felt awesome to get out before the crowd.

35 minutes in AM 1 whole hour in PM.

30 minutes AM, 90 minutes in PM.

50 min in AM 1:20 in PM

probably had 5 minutes in the am and 30 minutes in the pm.

I had a near catastrophe. I finished the am section with about 35 minutes to go. I looked over my asnwers, fixed them up a bit, then took a piss, watched some wierd looking guys, wondered wether the yellow jersey meant they were “regular” proctors and wether orange meant “super” proctor. Then, when there was 10 minutes left, I wondered to myself “Hey, I thought in my initial read-through I saw a question with Treynor in it, but I don’t remember that question…” then I opened my book and realized I FORGOT to do the last question! With 8 minutes to go I banged through it, thank GOD it was an easy one. Can you imagine failing because you forgot to do a question and burned 30 minutes screwing around instead? Retarded.

wow, shocked that people had so much time left in morning. i think i’m a fast taker and didn’t have more than 10 or 15 minutes. but for some reason i lost confidence that point form would get full marks. probably a mistake. as i felt rushed on Indy IPS which i had saved for last.

the morning is basically a mess. no idea exactly where to answer stuff. and i’ve had the recurring thought that i forgot a question or a section on the morning.

15-20 minutes left for AM, but I was under time pressure when I noted that the first case (with 26 minutes allocation) killed me almost 30 minutes. over one hour left for PM - I was really relaxed.

30seconds in the AM? ended with an hour to go in PM, and left right before the 30 min mark.

some 2 minutes in the AM But I could have review to reivew questions that I would like to. PM 45 minute earlier. Wow, that way better than last year but i will not discunt the fact i put tons of hour year.

i did forget an entire question in the am - dumbest mistake in my life. i couldnt believe. i felt good on my performance and I caluclted my personal pass rate because of this will need to be 75% plus. i am optomistic but still cant believe what i did

1 hour on both, pretty sure I was first out the room for both tests. Gonna feel pretty stupid for not being more careful when I fail.

10-20 minutes left in the AM. About an hour left in the PM and was not hurrying at all.


Wow you guys are fast. I barely finished the am with maybe 5 or less minutes to spare – would have liked more time to review. Finished the pm with about 45 minutes to spare, took a break, and then spent the last 45 minutes agonizing over the questions I just knew I was missing.