How much to study to come back now?

My condition is getting better and doctor told me that I can study without taking too much of high potency medicine. I guess, I can study for 5 hours a day. I completed 2 readings but didnt do too many questions. I studied for 250 hrs - non finance background and 33 years (took me more time). I had a break of 3 crucial weeks because of illness and every second of that I wanted to study. Now i am better and thinking of getting back to books. Guys, you have been very kind enough. What should I do to regain those 3 weeks? Although it looks stupidity to ask but do you think I can make it? I am pretty weak in FSA, can anyone share notes? You dont know how desperate I am to pass this exam? I can’t let this try to pass due to illness. I worked hard for it. Cant stay away from books.

FSA is one of the 2 topics with the highest allocated weight, I would be sure to read through Schweser/CFAI text on this again and practice questions to retain info. Glad to hear you’re doing better. I think 5 hours a day for 1 month is a good amount of time for you to recall crucial concepts and get your A-game on.

geranimo- if you already paid for the test this year, i’d say just take it regardless. what’s the worst thing, you fail? big deal. you’d be a huge leg up having seen what the exam looks like for next year. and if you pass, even better. give it a whirl, i hope you pass and more importantly feel better and get over your illness. just do what you can, give it a shot, and if you don’t make it this year, you’ll crush it next year.

Take it regardless. Last year this time, I was really running out of preparation time. But I went to the exam center anyways to take the test even though I know my chance of success wasn’t very high. The result wasn’t too surprising but the notes and experience that I took after the exam proves to be very useful in this year’s preparation.