How much to tip for uber eats. lets discuss

10$ tab
20$ tab
30$ tab
40$ tab
50$ tab

doesnt ubereats charge mad fees

I always pick up and leave a tip with the restaurant. There are a few local places I want to survive!!! :+1:

The dollar sign belongs before the number, not after it.

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10 percent across the board

But it looks vaguely European and chic if you put it after the number

Ah . . . the old chicitude ploy.

but why a percent. its not like its so much harder to deliver 1 pizza vs 3 pizzas. i feel like the fair amount is just a fixed fee for the distance he travelled or something like that. apparentyl the average tip for those who tip is $3. but the average tip per ride when you factor those who dont tip is 50 cents… something like 60% of people dont tip. thats ■■■■■■■ brutal consider they only make 17 bucks per hour assuming full utilization, and they got wear and tear.

That’s fair, I guess I just never really thought about it. Normally I just want the food and auto click 10 percent so I can get the order placed. But you’re right, the driver doesn’t necessarily know the cost of the order and I’m just conditioned to tip on the total. Maybe I’ll switch to a flat 3 bucks. They also get the delivery fee which is higher for longer distances.

yea ive been thinking. why the hell am i even tipping people a percentage of the food i purchase in a restaurant. why isnt it a fixed fee. this is all very dumb. i hate american tippign culture.

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Me too. Back in the day when I lived in the US of A, the whole tipping thing felt really awkward to me. If you’re expected to tip (tips are a big part of a waiter’s salary, amiright?), why not just add the 15-20% to the tab automatically? Is that some kind of a tax or law issue or what?

There was actually a CNBC documentary on this. Apparently some states continue a disgusting habit of paying below fed min wage with the hopes that tips make the difference. This type of wage was tip was common after civil war when freed slaves would look for work. Oftentimes people did not pay them any wage and the newly freed slaves worked solely for tips. In some area they even charged them for the opportunity to get tips. This was obviously outlawed. But anyways tipping is bs. I tip because it’s expected. But I hate the practice.

I like it. Incentives fast service if nothing else. Countries without tipping take foreverrrrr

how much you tip at fast food. cuz they do that ■■■■ fast fast

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That’s true for sure. But I’m not sure if tipping is the explaining factor. Even Mickey D’s in Europe is a lot slower than in the US of A.


Who knows, but I have seen some research by economists to suggest it is the case. In general, I wish we tipped more aggressively. The fact its taboo to not leave a tip weakens the feedback value of the tip and incentive it creates. But humans aren’t robots, so I get it :frowning:

I am doing DD, Ubereats and Grubhub all. So get my advise. lol

You should tip based on the miles between the restaurant and your house and add some for the driver’s ride to the restaurant and multiply that number with 1.5 or 2. It does not matter you order a $5 big mac or $50 Ribeye from Outback. But if you tip at least 15% on a big total item you will make a driver happy that day.

Also, if your order is a not a big total order, no matter the distance never tip less than $3 even if your house is one mile from the restaurant. Because the driver still has to spend time to go to the restaurant, maybe wait a little there for the food to be ready and drive to your home. If you don’t want to give at least $3 dollars, well, get into your pants and drive your lazy ass to the restaurant yourself.

I personally do not accept orders if I don’t make at least $1.5 mile. But in general I am closing around S2.00 per mile. Also if there is no tip, there is no service even if your house is just next to the restaurant (well, unless the day is really slow. lol)

Now, you can ask what the heck a guy in CFA forum is doing with DD, Ubereats or Grubhub. :sweat_smile:

Well, I will tell the story in the other " [How much money you need to be happy!] " thread soon. I just saw it ten minutes ago. I will give my two cents there. Read it there if you’d like.

But in essence I left professional full time jobs 13 years ago with a masters in Engineering, MBA and passing three CFA exams (although did not complete the work experience apparently)

Basically, I am like that Mexican fisherman against that Harvard MBA story which I read in 1997 or 1998 in an email first time I believe and I never forgot it.

The best decision of my life. Well, maybe not. The best one may be going vegan three years ago. I do not know. lol