How much would you write for this behavioural finance Q

If the question asks you to identify the bias, based on case facts, and then asks you to - justify each identified bias with one example ?

Does it mean - Definittion of the bias, followed by case facts where this was demonstrated?

I have been writing the latter i.e. writing the name of the bias and highlighting the case fact but not sure if this is the right approach.

I name the bias and write down where it’s coming from in the case then follow it up with why the example is the bias.

Thanks Galli. Would you even write “why” ? Its something very good to have but not sure in the context of morning exam, as they seem to ignore anything that is extra.

i would explain the why just so the marker knows exactly what i mean. I feel like if I only wrote ‘investor exhibits X becauase he did Y’, I won’t get full marks

4 minutes with 2 biases - probably not

6 minutes with 2 or more - yes

^ I agree. L3 is meant to also test judgement so i think it depends on each case (ie given the marks available etc)