How much you reckon a silverback gorilla could bench?

Gotta figure at least 350 for reps

I’d also like to know its grip strength. It must be insane.

1275lbs according to the lab tests performed in California in the 60s.

1800 lbs according to the guiness book.

2250 lbs according to rahul roy

Sooo…they can lift what the typical AF member does. I’ll bet they went 3/3 on the CFA and attended Standford as well…

Years ago we were camping on the East side of the Sierra Nevada. When we drove into one of the campgrounds there was a dumpster off to the right side, with a momma brown bear and her cub inside it rummaging through the goodies. The car immediately in front of us stopped, and the woman in the front passenger seat jumped out and ran over to the dumpster, shouting to her companion, “Take a picture of me next to the bear!”

I’m convinced that there’s no limit to just how stupid stupid white people can be.

I would need to see a GMAT > 700 to be impressed .

S2K, as a veteran here, you should know not to feed the trolls…

Hey I wasn’t trolling - I was just hammered and found my phone. And had to ask your guys opinion on this riveting tale.

Not you, man. Kiplinger.

i literally read something like that in aspen times.

But in all seriousness benching is hardly a good indicator of strength/power.

I wonder how much a silverback can deadlift.

I don’t think most of these fantasy battles are realistic. Tigers have evolved to chase their prey who is definitely weaker than them. Gorillas have evolved to engage in hierarchal battles within themselves, so Gorillas may have better battle experience hardcoded into their brain.

You have access to a tiger like that?

see the romans were genius. they asked themselves this. and turned it into entertainment. nowadays we cant even get 2 cocks to fight. lame ass foos.

no homo

Elephant beats any other land animal 1x1.

hippos are dangerous

What about a great Yukon grizzly bear?