How often do you clean your car?

so some chick told me my car was dirty, i told her, its cuz i care about the environment, but tbh, im also lazy af.

are there car washes that dry it completely? i hate wiping this mofo down.

I have two kids. My cars are never clean.

I no longer have one. When I did I took it to get valeted every month or so.

Better clean your car brah. You know all those internet pictures which have the dust print of someone being bent over the hood?

I would love to not own a car

Tip of the day, if you bring any car to a luxury car dealership to get a state inspection, they’ll usually wash and vacuum your car for free after they finish. I think non-luxury dealers might too, call ahead and ask.

I have a really amazing car wash around the corner from my office, so I take it there every couple of weeks. Once every couple of months I have them do the inside too.

Once a month outside, more during the winter. I always keep the inside clean so I just wipe it down with some leather cleaner real quick once a month as well

I vacuum it out at least every other week. Damn kids and their snacks.

Wash it? Ehhh… yeah, when I’m making a sale ad for one of them.

Some leprechaun keeps teabaggin’ my car…


great. i clean mine once a month, inside once every two months.

curious as to what you guys pay?

external clean

internal clean

both cleaned

I pay $16 for exterior and an additional $15 when I get the interior done.

I got mine to Ceramic Coating…


Hilarious on Reddit.

my condo parking lot has tons of dusty vehicles - would be hilarious if i could get a chick on board with this. It’s the new neighbourhood sk1nny dipping

Nerdy… Don’t you live in SoCal? I have a dreamer outside washing my car right now.

Yesterday I was washing the car with my son. He said “dad, can’t you just use a sponge?”

how much you pay? I pay 20 bucks. The car wash machines I pay 5 bucks, but I don’t like wiping it down.

dude it’s hot as fuck right now. lol I was planning on going to six flags with mah chick this Sunday but seeing all these fires im scared of the ash and heat. Anyways I’m going to ball right now. Deuces

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I actually enjoy washing my car by hand in the driveway. Habit I developed all the way back in high school. I even used to legit detail my car. I’d clay bar and wax it every few months. I now drive a POS, so I don’t bother claying and waxing it, but I do still wash it at home if it’s a nice Saturday/Sunday and the weather looks good for the next few days.