How often do you get haircuts?

I get mine every 2 months. It kind of starts looking like a fro after a month. But with gel slick back it still sort of looks good.

i get a marine look. Zero on the sides. Trimmed at the top. If it’s long I slick it back. If it’s short. Spike up. Or combed to the left.

i got a buddy that clips it every two weeks. *** **** that’s expensive.

once a month, gotta stay fresh

Yeah maybe once a month, 1/2 inch. I do it myself.

I used to have really long hair though.

Aight fuck it. I got a couple dates anyways. I was tying to be a cheap ass lol

Every 2 or 3 months. But if i’m doing something client facing in person, I’ll get a haircut if it has been more than a month.

You’ll save a few bucks with the Flowbee (porn star 'stache is optional).


Every 3-6 months. I like having different hairstyles throughout the year as opposed to just short all the time.

What kind of unclean, unshaven mophead low-testosterone cuts are you young slackers wearing these days? Every two weeks!

3 weeks can sometimes push it to 4 or will cut it at 2 if I have an important event coming up

My wife and I get haircuts together, every 4 – 5 weeks.

Fifty-four dollars ($54) for the two of us, including tip, from a woman who should be charging twice as much (she’s that good).

She complains that my hair is too long.

I complain that hers is too short.


how much you guys pay? my barber charges 10 bucks and i tip 5 bucks.

somewhere between a marine cut and an ivy league cut. i use my rogaine for styling. first 2 weeks.

as it get longer i spike it up or comb it. i use pomade. next 3 weeks

then once its pretty long on the sides. i slick my hair back with gel, even the sides. like gordon gecko.

then i eventually shave it, cuz i get tired of the maintenance, and it looks funky without styling.

$25 plus tip

I used to get a $12 cut by a 90 yo w a cock eye and glaucoma. Dude was the sh!t.

$22 with $15 tip

Yeah I’m every 2-3 weeks. Either a bunch of fros or baldy beans here

every 3-4 weeks. Costs me £45 (no tip). I get a haircut, wet shave, massage, facial and my ear and nose hairs dealt with. Turkish barbers are THE ONE

Yeah I mean I’m so hairy I clean up my ears and neck a couple times a week.

Every 4-5 weeks at a place near the office. $13 plus a $5 tip. When I have to start brushing it, I know it’s time for a cut.

me and the kids line up, basic style. #3 buzzcuts, free haircuts for four heads. plus we look hard. every 4-6 weeks.

Great Clips every 2-3 weeks. I load up a prepaid card when they run their $9.99 promotion. I’ve given up trying to pretend I’m not going bald, so 1.5 clippers on the back and sides, blended into 3 on top. Will likely drop to 1 and 2 soon.