How often to study flashcards at this point of time?

At this point in time, how often should we review flashcards? I do not want to spend an hour a day at this part of studying (in order to avoid burnout).

as often it takes for you to memorize them and be able to significantly reproduce them from memory.

folks who use flashcards are often known (I have heard it said) - to build a new set each time and tear up the old ones…

this tells them they are able to build that from memory …

If you have a full time job then you should take your notes and post them on the walls around your desk. You’ll be able to look up at random times during the day and just glance over a few of them for a few seconds.


I write flashcards, then throw them away.

Then I write them again, and throw them away.

Then I write them a third time, and throw them away.

The writing is what locks the information into your memory, not the studying.

Thanks for the guidance S2000magician.

You’re quite welcome.

Sounds good. So would you say S2000 that flashcards are merely notes that we take while reading (but written down multiple times to lock those concepts in our brain)?

Thank you!