how old is too old? plz enlighten me

anyone knows how far I should go back to the past practice exams? I have them from 1998-2003. When did CFA have major changes? Do i need to go all the way back?

I am planning to go over the ethics portion of all the exams.

how does one get access to the old exams…?

Same question. how does one get access to the old exams…?

im curios myself…can you share the source??

It is not real exams. It is mock tests offered business school of Ohio States executive education, CFA review. They go back to year 1998.

There was a thread on this forum (4 pages long) in may’07. That had a link for its download, I can’t locate it now.

o wow, is that the real past exams or sample exams offered by CFA in the previous years?

sample exams by CFAI 1998 - 2003

ahhh yeh someone posted that link a while back… the only good thing was the 2006 BSAS exam… everything else seemed too old