How Populist Are you?

This will give you lols

close to center. but i am a non populist right. most similar to merkel. 2 units right, 3 units down.

quite surprised i always thought i was a slightly left populist :frowning:

anyways fairly accurate i am a bit of a centrist which is why i am hated by both sides!

I got one hexagon up and right of the bullseye, closest to Macron. Always knew Merkel was your type brah.

quite honestly they needed a 5th type at the center! i always knew you were my brother from another mother! wassup fellow centrist.

Just for larffs, I gave the quiz a shot. Turns out I’m slightly populist and very centrist, with my closest match being Macron.

damn. you guys must be eskimo brothers.

Nice! I will be sure to link to this result in an obnoxious fashion and accuse people of bias for disagreeing with me in the future.

I’m the mirror of you Ohai

You’re most similar to:

Emmanuel Macron

French president

Emmanuel Macron revolutionised French politics in 2017 by winning the presidential election, and the subsequent parliamentary vote, for his new party, En Marche, whose agenda is economically right of centre. Nonetheless, he usually avoids populist rhetoric.


I got Obama which makes me even more centrist than you biased extremists, often lauded for my cool demeanor and even keeled perspective. It’s all relative!