How realistic are QBank questions

I was thinking last night that i am spending most of my time working through QBank questions but am curious just how similar they are to actual exam questions. Anyone have any ideas?

My opinion is that the QBank questions will be slightly easier than the real exam. The QBank tends to ask quite a lot of basic questions quite often. But I reckon the mock exams (especially book 2) are a bit more representative. But your guess is as good as mine!

I think they are dramatically easier than the tests. Cut a good 10-15 points from your qbank average to get a feel for your test score.

I concur with mcf. S

Also, to save time, opt out of the basic questions in Qbank. I feel they are just a waste of time. I also think that in FSA, Qbank has too many 3 para, calculation intensive questions which are not likely to be seen on the exam.

how many sample/mock exams are there on cfa site?

How about the book 6 exams vs. the real test?

there are 3 sample (60 Q’s each) and 2 mock exams (120 Q’s each)