How realistic are Schweser questions in terms of length?

Hi, so I’m using the Schweser study materials and after each study session I answer about 40 questions generated by Schweser Q Bank. My question is: How realistic are the Schweser questions in terms of length? I ask this because quite a lot of the questions can NOT be answered in 1-2 minutes. Some of the schweser questions require a LOT of calculations and some of them frequently take me 4 or 5 minutes to answer! Has anyone else noticed this? Am I simply working too slowly, or are Q bank questions tougher than the test? Thanks.

Some are spot on realistic and some are overly complicated compared to the real exam. They are designed to be that way to help you learn the material so don’t get upset. Wait until you see the mock exams, your head will spin on some of the questions. Even if some take 4-5 mins, that’s fine as long as you’re blowing thru some of the easier one’s in 10 seconds or less as you should be on some of them. If you’re taking 1-2 mins on each question no matter what level of difficulty come exam time, there’s a problem.

Wow James, that secret sauce of your is fantastic! I feel better now because some of the good ideas that you have mentioned I already do! And some of the mistakes I’m making I am now able to correct well in advance. I started studying in December and I’m already about up to SS12, so I’m feeling quietly confident of my progress, but I’m under no illusions of the herculean effort required to get to June. I’m going to make sure I download your guide and review it every once in a while. Thanks!

CoxCFA - Yeah, even I take more time on Schweser questions as they are more quantitative. But idea is not to get bogged down with timing and get an understanding of concepts around the question. James - I too went through your stuff, its really helpful. Definitely, picked up few things for my schedule. I’m too going to check it out once in while and will touchbase with you soon for some queries.

A follow up question: Do the schweser QBank questions update themselves to the new updates in syllabus? i.e. do they come up with new questions? Cuz the 2009 curriculum (apparently) has different emphasis for different LOS now…

I’m sure they do update since curriculum is published well in advance. Also the '09 Q-bank I’m looking at has 3 multiple choices and things like those but haven’t checked LOS by LOS.

You will have plenty of time on the actual exam. The schweser questions do take more time, are generally not as clearly written and definetly more quantitative than the CFAI questions. That being said, they are still a great review tool.