How reflective is schweser Q bank of the actual Test ?

How reflective is schweser Q bank of the actual Test ? Is it harder or easier Anyone have any ideas. Also which practice tests give the best reflection of the actual test ?

CFAI practice tests will give the best indication as to the type of questions that will be asked. Next would be Schweser Practice Exams Vol. 1. QBank is slightly easier in my opinion.

Book 6 is way harder in my opinion. Getting 80s on Qbank but cant get aboe a 70 on book 6

QBank is worlds easier than everything else. Averaging solid mid 80’s on qbank but have gotten a 71 and a 76 on the first two schweser tests.

how many Schweser “test” books are there? 1-6?

6 x 120 questions

I hate to say it, but if Schweser test bank was indicative of the actual exam, the actual pass ratio would probably be around 55 - 60%, and not 40%. I studied REALLY hard for the 2007 December exam (mostly using the Q bank), and I was totally thrown off by the level of difficulty of the actual exam.

yancey, what do you mean by REALLY hard? did you ready everything? finish the entire qbank? finish all book 6 exams? buy all CFAI exams? identify weaknesses and ask AF if you couldn’t figure something out? i don’t mean to sound condescending, i’m just trying to figure out where i stand.