How relevant are past CFAI Mocks for 2015 L2?


So unlike many of you who have studied through schweser/élan, I actually went through all 6 books of the CFAI curriculum (painfully) and went through maybe 70% of each readings EOC questions.

I’m now about to tackle the mocks, but would like to stick with the CFAI prepared mocks (as I’ve studied through their material).

Does anyone know whether the CFAI mocks from say, 2011 - 2014 are still relevant for the 2015 curriculum ? I did a quick google search for the curriculum changes and the topics seems relatively similar - just a few topics taken out and added here and there.

Just wanted to see if anyone else here may have a better idea?


I wouldn’t want to study off of old mocks. This year 4 new readings were added (FRA, fixed income, corporate finance) and 6 were removed (primarily in FRA & fixed income), which are topics that have high(er) weightings. I’d opt to study the posted topic questions on CFAI website or buy mocks from a 3rd party provider.

Search for irfanullah Relevance of CFA level 2 mocks. There is an excel sheet detailing what questions in prior to 2014 mocks are relevant for the 2014 exam. Also remember to ignore FI as curriculum has changed this year from 2014. Also there will be a lot of overlap btw. The cfa online practice test by topic and past mocks. So if you’ve done those the mocks may not be as useful as a full test. In any case 20-40% of past mock would be irrelevant due to curriculum changes so using it as a full test may not work well.

is it worth solving the individual sections at this time or should I stick to solving the complete mocks now? I have already done the Schweser’s EOC twice and also did ethics from the curriculum. Also did some part of Econ and FRA from the curriculum. But now I am freaking out because I don’t remember many of the formulas. Any suggestions please?

What was the concensus on using the online practice sets before the mock? People were saying some practice sets reappeared on the mock last year but it sounds like that didnt happen this year.

Im getting the impression from these threads that the practice problems are the questions that are still relevant from the last few mocks and the mock is a distinct set of problems.

I’m using some 2014 mocks and they are still 95% relevant. Only FI is really different.

Just wrote 2012 today and majority still seemed quite relevant