how s going to everyone

hi guys ``just wanna know how many topics have u gone through so far? i just enrolled in and got the curriculum nearly one month ago and have just finished accouting part.

Elvis, I think everybody else here on this forum cursed at you for this question in the back of their heads and chose not to reply!!

well, wow, but …why?? have a good weekend anyway``` ps: did i use the wrong word or have some grammer mistake in the post??

Honestly, I’m quite overwhelmed with how dense the reading is. Most of what I read, I easily forget within a day or two. This is getting me worried a lot, since the time is really tight. Having to work 70 hour weeks, doesn’t help either! I’m just going to have to give it my best shot and hope for the best. To answer your question, I’ve finished Book 1, and I’m almost done with Book 2 (using only Schweser notes).

No Elvis, there was absolutely no mistake in your post it’s just that that question has been asked many times here on this site so everybody expects you to read those threads before you start a new one . You have a good weekend too.