how SAD

I just received the Secret Sauce and this is the MOST excited I have been in about 3-4 months!! any input on what core topics are missing?

Well here is something that’ll make you happy then … Secret Sauce is one of the most over-hyped over-priced piece of glorified shit i have laid my hands on in a long time … It just flatters to deceive and gives you just a false sense of security do not rely on totally for your review purposes … I’d say use the end of reading summary from the CFAI as a supplement/substitute or even the cheat sheet for that matter …

it doesn’t miss much core stuff. It just doesn’t go into enough detail. It probably covers 60% of the exam questions and beyond there, it’s really a lottery as to whether you remembered a 2ndry/minor point in a passage in the institute book / study guide anyway! Very manageable and good key stuff tho

I agree with both. it helps me in looking at some core topics in a very short period of time and a few pages rather than going thru 6 books. its great for the metro ride. In addition, I was looking for those quick cheat sheet types of charts schweser has. For example, effects on Ratio under various different methods etc. nice to find it one place and since CFAI tests so many ratio concepts as oppose to the actual calc. i figured it would be nice to have it all in one place gluck everyone!

I love to look it over right before I take a practice test, and I imagine I’ll do the same on d-day. Good to get the memory going without bogging yourself down with too much detail.