How should I do it differently this time..

Well, I am ready to face the truth…I didn’t make it this time around. As hard as it is to get up again, I want to do it. So what should I do differently this time…

I wouldn’t say I didn’t study last time…but may be I was too concerned right from the beginning about my ‘projected score’ that I kept taking more and more tests…I spent a lot of time on analyzing my score, but not as much on the questions I consistently got wrong. I desperately wanted to see my score higher than the dream number 70%. When I did, I was on cloud 9. I didn’t need to see anything more. When I didn’t get close to 70%, i was too upset that I couldn’t look at that test anymore.

Who is with me on this? and what do the smart people think I and my fellow repeaters should do differently this time…let the ideas keep flowing.

and also…If I may listen to that faint hope in an empty corner…any smart ideas to figure out how we did in this exam? after all, it was a multiple choice exam.

Forget about scores and rather focus on understanding concepts. When you do practice exams, analyze why you made mistakes. Review all material but particularly focus on your areas of weakness. With that said, the exam is tough and there is some luck involved. I commend you for not giving up.

“When I didn’t get close to 70%, i was too upset that I couldn’t look at that test anymore.” Looks like this is your problem. You should pay more attention to the questions that you got wrong, not the questions that you got right.

I bet you don’t get much luck with the ladies either.

tailor your studies to the LOS, don’t waste time on fluff,keep an eye out for gotchas on the day,focus on ethics for L1 and do as many EOC questions as possible … lady luck will shimmy towards you

It may actually help if you told us how you studied the last time around.

Well, I studied from the course materials. But I also realized I needed to get in the exam mode so I took several tests from any source that I could find. I was looking for a way to start a thread with only the trick questions. A list of questions that we can all add to. i found this quespedia. let me know what do you guys think…all tricky questions filed away for the last week before exam.

  1. Choose a suitable material right away so start your preparation 2. It is not necessary to follow the flow provided by CFA Curriculum, you can start with the subject you think you can do easily to build your confidence. 3. Organize yourself up. Passing the exam is about adopting a routine. 4. Read Well! It is not about the ‘no. of hours’ but the quality time which you have spared and utilized. 5. Highlight and underline the important areas, make summaries, graphs and diagrams while reading. 6. Abandon thinking about failure. Remember once you are done with the exams and will step in to the market the ultimate thing would be how excellent you are! Even if candidates fail in their first attempt they still gain some knowledge and experience of the exam routine. Study to make yourself excellent not successful. Exam is a short term goal while excellence in the career is a life long objective.