How should my Approach be to CFA L1?

Hi, I am done with my study notes 1/schweser (not ethics - which i ll do in the last). I am about to start Econ and i realized whats an efficient approach to cfa L1. For study session 1 i didnt concentrate much on what LOS i had to learn,just went by the flow. For Econ, should i follow the LOS just like a question/answer?. Thanks for helping me out. --------------------------------------- Bigspydee - " SpiderMan XXL "

Are you dumb for asking such a stupid question. How can someone give suggestion to you without knowing which method works best for you? Best solution is to follow anything that will make you pass the exam. Simple. Incase you fail, try another method.

The LOS outlines exactly what is required for the exam. It sometimes can cover every single sentence of a reading. Don’t ignore the LOS and look for command words. How you use the LOS and what the command words mean can be found in the following 2 links from the CFAI website. Be weary though, each LOS can cover multiple pages worth of information. EDIT: They are not exact proxies for exam problems. They do, however, give you the roadmap of what you should be paying close attention to.

Thanks JensensalphaMale that helped.

You’re welcome.