How smart are candidates in Analystforum vs other candidates not in this forum

It seems to me you guys are very smart and confident of passing (but not me). The survey created by Quickbike already revelead this. I just hope people in this forum are indeed in the top 30% of all candidates globally, if not I can’t imagine the amount of competition I have to pass.

Judging from last year, I think it’s safe to say there are 46000ish candidates for level II this year. The max number here can’t be more than 100 members for level II, ok, make it 200, which means we’re only 0.4% of the population.

I for one am sure I’m not in the top 30%.

On this forum, you get a pretty diverse mix of people, although on average I would say that they are better than average. That being said, I’ve seen people failing 7+ exams, people failing after putting in ~600 hours, people purchasing 3 prep providers’ packages knowing they would never have enough time to dig into all that info, and a ludicrous number of questions that should never had needed to be asked (e.g. “The exam is 1 month away - is it too late to start studying?”). Overall the community is great, but you should really avoid gauging youself against any one individual on this board is isolation.

Being on AF increases your IQ by at least 20 points automatically.

not sure about smarter, perhaps crazier than the normal bunch…