How Strict are the grading rules

Hi guys,

Apologies if there’s a similar thread. But I was just wondering for the non-template essay questions how particular are the graders on little things like …for ex. If the sub-parts of a question are A,B,C,D and you answer them as i, ii,iii,iv instead (I think i did this). Do they follow the grading book to the tee, or is there some discretion exercised in situations like this ?

I thought it was A part i ii and so on…cant remember. Yeah i was a little worried about the labelling. Guess we will never know.

I just remember the mad rush to fill up the answers hope i got the labelling right. Another crazy thing for level 3 candidates to mull over. After the results you would be non the wiser if u did screw that up…all the best to us.

Actually i wont even call it trival. I recall a post where a whole lot of people wrote their answers in the wrong areas. What i do recall is i didnt write the question number because i saw it on the top of every page. Or have i gone mad?

Same here…I didn’t write the question number. I wrote just the italics. Not sure that means anything provided that the italics are written in the appropriate question page.

On similar lines, how costly can missing a question can be? I could not answer one question in AM session. I thought I would write something vague in the end but did not find time.

Do graders give some pity points for writing vague answers?

I rushed through 3 questions on am. One of them I barely got anything down, we should still be fine.

How do you know