How to adjust for core earnings?

Let say Profit before tax = 1,000 and tax is 10% so after tax profit is 900.
There is a minority interest of 50 so profit after tax attributable to owners = 850 and this will be the reported figures.

If there is a 200 gain on asset disposal which is deemed non-recurring, how should I adjust for it? Reducing 850 (profit after tax attributable to owners) from 200 gain seems wrong because there is minority interest and usually there is no info how minority interest is derived? Also I havent consider tax effect on the gain.

Any general rule of thumb how to go about this?

Happily, minority interest slice on net income is just the % of non-controlling interest (NCI) shareholders applied to total net income. In you example, % of NCI on net income would be 5.55% (50 / 900), so if you want to calculate core earnings for such period I would go like this:

total profit after tax = 900
(-) gain on assets sold = -200*(0.9)
core earnings = 720

core earnings attributable to controling party = 720*(1-0.0555) = 680

Let me know what you think.

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