How to answer a Trump handshake?

After Trump won a lot of people have been copying that handshake where he pul in l the other person arm. I have been going for hugs when people pull me in but I dont know if this is the right BSD move, what you guys think?

You give bros hugs on the reg?

Pull the person in, then grab their P****. BSD move for sure.

(AF, why you duplicate my post)

When you’re famous, you can just do that. They’ll let you. Interestingly, even if they don’t have one…you still can…

Crush their hand.

Do the Trudeau?

No no, you guys have got it wrong. Its not the trump power handshake that makes the BSD, or the pussy grabbing. Its the fact that hes a BSD that means hes able to do those things and get away with them, where as it would never be acceptable for a normal person to do them.

To avoid this:

Do this:

Yep, say an intern shook my hand like that. I’d straight up tell him he had the most delicate handshake I’ve ever felt, from a man or women. And there wouldn’t be shit he could do about it.

This shit made me so angry.

classic teflon don the con

Ahh, yes…