How to answer essay questions

I found that some sample answers in Kaplan Schweser are already in very short sentences.

But will it be ok to just write several words to answer the questions in the real exam?

It’s quite challenging for candidate whose mother languae isn’t English to write that much in a short time.

Try not to practice essays using Kaplan – I found them to be pretty sub-par. Do as many old actual CFA essays as you can get your hands on and that should answer your question. This was my key to passing on the first shot.

So how many mock AMs did you do in preparation? I’ve been through the materials (CFAI and Schweser) multiple times now and am starting my practice AM review. Would you reccomend just going right into mocks or reading through questions and guideline answers. Trying to figure out how to efficently study for the next three months…

I would suggest as they have morning papers by topics and they also provide grading for a small fee - i think $9. I have been using them as i finish each major topic.

Noticed lot of their questions are copy of old CFAI exams. Skimmed through few and found that problem.