How to answer questions which ask you give 1/2 reasons

In the morning session, some questions ask you to justify a statement and give one or two reasons. I am wondering if I write more than 2, like 3 reasons, and two of them are correct and one is wrong. Can I still get the full score? If so, I will write as much as I can in the test.

No. CFA says this on the website. If they ask for two and you give three, they will only grade the first two. Correct or incorrect, nr3 doesn’t help you.

It is my understanding that if it asks you for 2 and you list more than 2 they will grade the first two and ignore the others. It is also my understanding that writing in such a way as to pack several answers into your statement in an attempt to cloud where an answer begins and ends is frowned upon.

That’s good to know. I will have to review the rules …

Do you have the link of these L3 rules? It is good to review them. Thanks for the reply!