How to ask boss for another job

I’ve worked for my boss for nearly 2 years now, and with my firm for nearly 8 years. How do I go about asking for an overseas post that is available? Just looking for a good strategy before I start discussions with my boss and senior management.

I’m sure numi will have a fine answer.

cant you just apply internally without having to notify your boss?

Leverage yourself by looking at opportunities with other firms as well. Create a backup plan if you want to go overseas. If your boss says no then you say good bye. Your boss will probably end up sending you and with better compensation.

Nope - must discuss with boss first per internal transfer policy.

Be open and honest… always the best policy. If it goes bad from there, then just work with HR and look for other allies.

Aways discuss with boss first regardless of policy. They wont like it if it looks like you are trying to do an end around… I switched groups here and my company has no set policy. I just sent the posting to my boss through email and requested a meeting to discuss my interest in it. Mainly, I was just letting him know of my intention to apply for it and to see if he had any issues with this. I am on great terms with him as he is a very good boss (former) so for me it was very important to let him know of my plans and to transition correctly. He said fine and he said the job was most likely mine if I wanted it (it was a job that was connected to work I was already doing). I would suggest this and then if the boss gives you a hard time or stands in your way you might have to reconsider your alternatives. It also matters your relationship with him/her.

Assuming you have a good relationship with your boss, you can tell them that you saw this post and that it really appeals to you and ask what they think about your going for it. Most bosses, if they aren’t complete jerks, will respect your desire to move forward. One advantage of doing this is that even if you don’t end up getting the post you wanted, it will alert your boss to the need to attend to your professional development, and they may try to do it in a way that gives you more responsibilities within your current group.

I think I have a great relationship with my boss as well as senior management. I’ve been with my BB firm for 7 years and 11 months, so I don’t see why this should not be possible. Our firm just announced plans to add research coverage in Singapore, and my fiance lives there, and I would very much like to relocate. I also have language skills applicable to Southeast Asia. I figured I’d wait until I get my L3 results next month to have that chat with the boss, but I also don’t think that should have any impact either way.

pimp Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- and my fiance lives there You’re marrying a guy? Dude, not cool. Let’s hope you meant finacee.

you should express your desire to not only work overseas but potentially live overseas in the long run – whether or not you intend to make your permanent habitation abroad is up to you, but normally if you frame your goals in the context of a life decision rather than just a professional decision, your boss is going to be much more receptive to that. if you have a good relationship with him, he shouldn’t begrudge you for wanting to pursue other opportunities within the firm, especially if you express that you have an interest in moving overseas altogether. i also agree with others in that it’s best to inform your boss first if you have a good relationship with him – don’t go in thinking like you’re doing anything wrong, because you’re not – just be yourself, indicate your interest and he should be pretty understanding of that. in terms of next steps, if he gives you the green light, then talk about what the process will be like as you move overseas and articulate a transition plan to him so that he knows he won’t be left in the lurch after you move on.


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