How to become a fuunnny man

Based on many study funny people are paid more,become better leaders and are good.

Since indua has low sense of humor how do i become more funny so i can work in USA or europe

learn to walk on your hands,drink petrol and spit fire that sort of thing is in demand over there.

Rumor has it you only get promoted in IB if you can do stand up comedy.

Just end everything you say with “women, amiright?”

^ See, it’s funny, because it’s true.

Most jokes are about applying logic to a situation where it results in an unexpected or irrational outcome, and the driving force of jokes is almost always about how our emotional states drive us to do illogical things, or things that seem logical in one light but are illogical in another.

Most jokes have to have an attitude: “It’s wierd that…” “It’s hard when…” “It’s scary when…” “Its stupid when…”

Check out “The Comedy Bible.”

Also, the best jokes touch on truths we are afraid to talk about in normal company, but manage to address them in a clever or original way. If you are going to cross social boundaries in your jokes, then the punchline has to be worth it. The difference between a funny joke about racial misunderstandings and run-of-the-mill racism is that the funny joke is somehow clever or fresh, and often self-deprecating.

^does this guy know how to party or what?

Chad i will come to USA just for one of your stand ups

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“Since indua has low sense of humor” my @$$.

Guy walks into a motel with his family after a long night of driving and sets them up with a room. After his family is upstairs he goes over to the guy at the front desk and asks, “Since my family is here, I hope the p0rn is disabled.” The guy at the front desk desk replies “No, it’s just regular p0rn you sick f@ck!”

A guy is marching in front of a courthouse with a sign that reads, “ALL LAWYERS ARE A$$HOLES!!!”.

Another man comes up to him and says, “You know, that sign really offends me.”

“Why, are you a lawyer?” he asks.

“No,” the man replies, “I’m an a$$hole”.


Nailed it.

I’m very funny, but I’m also very tall and good-looking. So I’m really not sure why I make so much money.

Wait, are you saying all the Bollywood films are actually supposed to be serious?

brevity is the soul of wit. not that i’d ever get props from bgchad.

Those who like laws or jokes shouldn’t watch either being prepared.

Or restaurant food.

Or jokes.

watch this guy

Russell Peters. More Canadian than Indian, but still very funny.

^Shave your tongue