How to become a quant ?

Seriously, Some questions:

  1. Why is stony brock or whatever it’s called a target school for quants ? I’ve never heard of this place and it’s not highly ranked.
  2. What should someone do to maximize their hiring chance if they have just completed their undergraduate degree( shit university in malay) but I can do another undergraduate at good schools.

Doing a second undergrad seems like extreme overkill that can’t possible have a positive ROI. Also, may want to check out Wilmott forums.

I have they are want to be .

Hey you could do your second undergrad degree in philosophy! Ooh or art history, that could be fun.

why ?

Now you’re asking the right questions.

My understanding is that you enter into a cocoon state for a few years, and then emerge like the facehugger in Aliens, now metamorphosized into a quant associate. Also, somehow you became Chinese.

cocoon state = phd ?

It’s called a sensory deprivation tank… It’ll expand your mind duuuuuuude…

I agree with bird man. Just look at your response… You are a natural fit!

Please respond

No, I mean you encase yourself in a leathery shell grown from your body, and incubate in the fluid filled sack until you change to a new form. Don’t ask me how this works - I didn’t make it up. It’s just science.

^ Yeah, Bill Nye did a show on it.

why ?

Why why ?

You should probably look at MFE programs.

  1. Carnegie Mellon University Pittsburgh, PA Computational Finance $73,800 FT/PT 1.5 years
  2. Princeton University Princeton, NJ Master in Finance $77,240 FT 2 years
  3. Columbia University New York, NY Financial Engineering $52,992 FT 1 year
  4. New York University New York, NY Mathematics in Finance $49,752 FT/PT 1.5 years
  5. Baruch College, City University of wNew York New York, NY Financial Engineering $21,315 (in-state) $32,040 (out-of-state) FT/PT 1.5 years
  6. Stanford University Palo Alto, CA Financial Mathematics $43,400 FT 1 year
  7. University of California, Berkeley Berkeley, CA Financial Engineering $54,950 FT 1 year
  8. Columbia University New York, NY Mathematics of Finance $38,614 FT/PT 1 year
  9. Cornell University Ithaca, NY MEng, FE concentration $61,987 FT 1.5 years
  10. Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  11. Cambridge, MA
  12. Master of Finance $73,800 FT 1 year

^ Thank.

The word on the street is the MFE is not highly respected. No ?

Compared with an MBA from strandford, no

just done be a qunt

If the OP is for real, and not CFAvsMBA getting the last laugh by secretly trolling us all, I would highly recommend pursuing English as a second degree.