How to become a sector specialist?

Anyone who can provide insight into this? I am interested in the infrastructure sector and have media/telecom industry knowledge. I have 5 years working experience in the telecom and media industry.

One of the things you may have to do for a potential employer is give them confidence that you have a real interest in the sector … … and are not just some market-timing, bandwagon-jumping, Johnny-come-lately who will be looking to move to the next hot sector when the going gets tough. Just my $0.02 PS Remember it’s all about sincerity - once you can fake that, you are made.

I would say that previous consulting work in the sector would help. Willy

there’s limited time to work in a consulting infrastructure job right now. i need to convince my potential employer about the my knowledge capability of the sector. what other strategies?

How about taking some time to do a quick synopsis of the sector and offer it as the kind of work youare able to do. Evaluate the main drivers of the business, list the key companies, and compare two of them to determine which is the better investment and why.