How to begin?

Hi folks,

I am planning to appear for the May 2016 exams and it’s gotten to a stage where I need to start preparing for the exam, but can’t figure out the correct strategy. I have started with Quants by going through the Schweser notes and then using EduPristine’s notes for the same. Should I subscribe to/buy Bionic Turtle as well? From what I have heard, Scheweser notes grossly undermine the syllabus and BT gives a much fairer blueprint of the actual examination difficulty.

Additionally, coming from a engineering background, I find the scientific calculator MUCH MUCH easier to use for solving equations with unknows and simple calculations. Shame it’s not permitted by GARP.

P.S. I spent around 6-7 days rummaging through the Water Cooler posts before posting this. Sad.

I just took Part 1 in Nov. I think Schweser is more than adequate. Exam was very passable, a lot of qualitative questions, and even the quantitative questions were not difficult. Schweser was much more reflective of the exam difficulty this time around. I thought BT questions were difficult, to do and understand at times – explanations/summary notes are not BT’s strong suit. Given 150 hours, you could probably study Schweser very well and understand 90% of the material, whereas you might only slog through half of BT in that time due to its difficulty. Understanding 90% of Schweser is much more valuable for passing. If you have time after really knowing Schweser, then you can dig into some BT stuff, but I wouldn’t study BT solely as it is more difficult to grasp.