How to best utilize the last 3 days..

I gave CFAI mocks today…scored 82/120 in the morning and 78/120 in the afternoon. I have not given Elan mocks, but have given Schweser vol-1 (and have scored better in them compared to CFAI mock). CFAI mocks felt more difficult…hence getting worried :frowning: Also after reading so much on the forum, I just ordered the 11th hour soft copy…now my question is how should I best utilized the last 3 days…11th hour (which I will be touching for the first time)? Secret Sauce? Ethics… Any tips will be helpful! All the very best to everyone!

review. and don’t panic. for L1, doing tons of practice questions works.

I’m reading through Ethics again and reviewing certain areas with 11th Hour. That is all I will be doing and only doing that tomorrow and Thursday. Likely will not study on Friday (might review a few formulas but that is all). All in all, will probably only do 6 more hours of studying as I still need to work the rest of this week and don’t want to burnout. Good luck!

Formulas I got down, its the trivial pursuit items that are killing me. Lots of nuances in equity, econ, and derivatives. The most frustrating thing is every time I take a Mock, I score 65 to 68 and it seems if only i could get 1 more question in each section I would be feeling much better. So the next 3 days its Secret Sauce and flashcards for me. I wish in the Stalla question bank you could just do problems without calculations, it would make studying the definitions much easier.

I’m gonna read the secret sauce, review my notes, do the free elan mock, some ethics and that’s it…

In both exams you scored 65% and above which should make put you in good shape for the exam … I’m reviewing Elan Formulae only and will probably spend the night of the exam out for dinner - doesn’t want too much stress on last day; would never be helpful :slight_smile:

@pia: I also scored similar on CFAI mock. around 65%. 11th hour is the best , Iam doing 11th hr on friday and ethics tomorrow. I think we shouldnt worry abt % or result at this point. Just hit it.

How many pages is the 11th hour? Is it the smae thing as a formula sheet?

Thanks so much guys for the pointers…very helpful! Good luck, just two more days!! :slight_smile:

PC79 Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > How many pages is the 11th hour? > Is it the smae thing as a formula sheet? 260 in the book form, probably less with the electronic. Im using it and it is well worth the money, very in depth.

I will be honest, I purchased it yesterday after reading the great reviews…but when I started reading it today, I just thought my time can be well spent in revising the material I am familiar with…It can be just me…but I decided not to refer it at this late in the stage…may be for Level2 I will refer to it well in advance!

I am going to read through Secret Sauce, only the parts that are unfamiliar. And attempt 3/4 mock exams and review the mistakes I make. And just try to commit stuff to memory in general. By now I have some concepts down cold but others tend to slip out of my mind…

I’m taking the third Elan Mock Thursday and then go through the entire Eleventh Hour Friday.