How to build a strong character?

I guess some might be born with certain traits: tough, mature-minded, independent, etc. But I just don’t have them. And I am a bit introvert, and sensitive, and stress-easy, and sometimes jealous-easy (I am a scorpion, rawr!!!).

What can I do to shape my character? I want to be outgoing, independent and strong!

Have you tried NO FAP?


Shout out to Drago and Systematic.

Go out to clubs, at least twice a week for 6 months. I was a complete mess of a shy guy, and that cured me. It will make u outgoing and confident, guaranteed. Plus you will make lots of friends and bang chicks.

Mindfulness meditation would probably help with a few of those (stress, jealousy, senstive)

I remember my WoW-loving friend telling me that if you’re not Level 60, then you’re nothing. So spend some time getting to Level 60, then you can start looking for all the best weapons and armor.

Level 60 is WoW’s version of “Harvard or Hacksaw”.

I think we have a different perception of the term character because I would describe that in conjunction with morality - which is a totally different topic imho. I am getting the sense you want to build your public image and improve yourself - I would suggest doing things to build confidence. Once you develop a stronger inner self you will become more confident and this will bring with it the traits of mental strength along with independence and the outgoing bit will follow. So how do you go about improving your confidence, well what about you can you improve upon?

  1. Get in shape.

  2. Get Dale Carnegie’s Book Win Friends and Influence People.

  3. Join a social club of sorts with like minded people (, Toastmasters, etc).

Optional 4. Do Landmark Forum or the Dale Carnegie Course.

Optional 5. Get the book Mystery Method and Pick Up Artist.

If that doesn’t help your social anxiety, get on Zoloft or something. Being on meds ain’t nuffin to be ashamed of.

Put yourself out there and learn from failure


Being able to recognize your emotions and what’s causing them will help you control them and build the emotional strength.

Also, deliberatly put yourself in the social situations that are out of you comfort zone. You need to face the tiger so to speak.


failing which try mind-altering drugs to change your perspective.

“Character” means different things to different people. Are you trying to “build character” for yourself, or because you want to impress others?

Generally, character comes out of experiencing adversity and (hopefully) overcoming it. Failure to overcome some adversities can also be character building if you take away the right lessons.

Here are some qualities that people might associate with character:

* Strength

* Fortitude

* Discipline (physical or mental)

* Integrity (doing what’s right even given the temptation not to or to rationalize)

* Intelligence

* Wisdom

* Compassion

The first qualities can be strengthened by physical activity or sports or something like that. It’s good because you can set yourself achievable goals and work toward them, so you experience the challenge, and you eventually are able to mee them. It builds confidence to see yourself doing that.

Intelligence can be honed by study and praticed analysis of things. You sound like you are probably pretty comfortable with that.

Wisdom and Compassion can be developed by getting out and interacting with people more, trying to understand what their world looks like and how they make their decisions, and why things that might seem crazy to you at first may not be so crazy when you look at it from another perspective. Knowing these perspectives builds compassion and wisdom comes from understanding that people operate from different perspectives and how those different perspectives shape the way they make decisions.

Integrity comes from practice in resisting the temptation to lie, manipulate, or cheat - to be able to value your long-term reputation as a reliable person over a short term opportunity for gain. The discipline worked up in physical activities can help here, because one really only knows for sure that one has integrity if you are willing to take discomfort or pain or embarrasment because that is what the situation requires. Physical activities don’t automatically translate into this, but if you know are confident you can handle physical discomfort, you often have a basis for knowing if you can take other forms of discomfort.

Just my 2 cents on it. To me, integrity and discipline are the real tests of character, particularly if dicipline is tempered with compassion.

Constantly go ahead of your comfort zone to become a better person.


it needen’t necessarily make you a ‘better’ person…just a braver one

I thought that too but decided to type it anyway. Either way, it’ll help his goal of becoming more outgoing.

Ok, you just can’t call it “just my 2 cents” :slight_smile:

Also of the above is BS except for no-fap.

My prescription:

  1. no-fap

  2. wake-up at 5 am, go to sleep early

  3. Do sports at least every other day.

You will see how you will strengthen your character and willpower. These things are not built overnight. It’s a long tedious process where each of your successes (eg woke up 5 am, ran 5 km) or your failures (drank, fapped, went to bed late) sum up and shape you.

The main thing is to be able to control your life and yourself.

You are becoming famous for saying a lot with no point and zero value added.

I think the OP is a female making some of the provided guidance no applicable. I think KrazyKanuk should take you under his wing and bring out the true champion that lies within you.

Do not do these 3 things in one night.

Personal growth and wisdom. the older and more mature you get, the more confident you are (normally) and it sometimes takes time.

Although i have to say, volunteering and working oversea just get yourself in situations where you don’t usally get yourself in and meet and work with people who are very different from you usually get you out of your comfort zone if you want more character building.

Toast masters?

Learn something that requires confidence building, like ballroom dancing or sports or singing??