how to capture full screen

I know if you “PrtSc” you can capture the screen, but I need to take a snapshot of the whole webpage even the bottom part after scrolling down. Does anyone know how to do this or what app to download? Thanks a lot!

Microsoft Office has a product for that. OneNote I think its called.

Thanks for your suggestion KJH, but I just tried and it also allows me to only capture what’s on screen, it does not let me scroll down to capture the whole 2 pages…

Does Alt + print screen work?


If you have a PDF writer on your PC, you could also “print” the page to your PDF writer, which will leave you with a PDF of the full web page.

Screenshot pilot, very good.

Snagit (a very good capture utility does all that)

Great, thanks everyone for your help. In appreciation, I will use all of the aforementioned one by one. I also find Faststone that scrolls while capturing. Cheers!