How to change BA II plus pro battery?

I’m trying to change my battery on my BA II plus pro and I’m struggling to get it out. I’ve tried to push it down, use a pen to move it a bit to the side but the old battery won’t budge.

Screwdriver or chainsaw.


The pro doesn’t have screws in order to take out the battery. Bloody frustrating trying to get it out lol.

Small screwdriver or hacksaw.

Step 1 : Obtain Hacksaw

Step 2 : Purchase HP12C

Step 3: Leave hacksaw outside and in rain

Step 4: Frame rusty hacksaw and place above desk at office


Looks like I will be getting a new calculator haha

You have to lift the battery up, not down, nor to the side. Up UP! There’s even an instructional diagram under the battery cover on the case. If this is a serious post, then perhaps you’ll need to get that hacksaw and use it for its intended purpose.

This is a calculator with non removable battery like iPhone. Throw this one and buy a new one.

Use a screwdriver. Give it a gentle push and the battery will pop out.

Hopefully just finished level III and I’ve never needed a batter change. Wondering what I’m going to do with all these spare batteries…