How to Choose Your Senior Analyst

Hey guys,

I’ll be entering equity research for full-time soon as a generalist and I’ll have the option to rank my preferences in what analyst I want to work under. Personally, I want an experience in which I can learn the most from, specifically regarding modeling and value-add analysis/stock-picking.

Should I put a higher preference towards analysts with great management access and hedge fund client connections or analysts building their business so I can be more in the weeds with him/her? Basically, what kind of analyst should I focus on?


Inetersting question! Personally I would go with the Analyst whose work I admire the most and who I think I could learn the most from technically.

Don’t go with the building business guy. You always want to learn from the guy with success and experience, not someone trying to figure it out for himself. You can be just as much in the weeds with both seniors.